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weLOG #9: Welcome to teaMORI

In Japanese there’s a phrase that goes like this:


It means ‘ten people, ten colors’.

I’ve never been in a team more fitting of this phrase than weMORI.

We’re a super-diverse collective of passion-driven individuals.

Today, I want to talk about our team.

Welcome! to the world of teaMORI 🌳

teaMORI refers to everyone that works on weMORI stuff hands-on.

That includes volunteers, paid staff (like me) and advisors.

Our focus for today is the volunteers — the engines of weMORI.

As engines do, volunteers keep weMORI moving forward.

They’re the superstars behind the scenes.

(🙏 Gracias to each and every one of you 🙏)

Right now, volunteers work in three teams: fundraising, social media, and writing.

But talking about structures is boring, so let me introduce some of the beloved members!


Riccardo does everything. He fundraises, he writes, he helps others in the team. He works for a cruise ship company, and is also passionate about the ocean.


Maud is an investigative word wizard. Right now, she’s creating an article about a bad-news gold mine in the Guianan Forests. I suspect she was a detective in another life.


Suzi’s words have power! They move you to take action. Watch out for her article coming soon about the connection between food and environmental degradation.


Without Risako there’s no social media. She’s working now to get some regular posts going. Shout out also to Katrin, who’s the other half of the social media team.

(💚Thanks also to every volunteer who wasn’t mentioned here! You know who you are 💚)

With these awesome souls and more, we form tight-knit teams, check in regularly, set objectives, and work together.

Recently, with our app out, and with Earthday coming up soon, we’re getting busy!

That’s why, today, I want to extend an invitation for YOU to join teaMORI.

Curious to kick it with us?

Click the ‘Join teaMORI’ button below!

It’ll open up a form with more info and some questions.

To share a little more, we’re searching for people who are interested in:

  • Fundraising: The heart of all weMORI activities! Join myself and others to propel our fundraising projects forward, and make our vision a reality.

  • Social Media: Join Risako & Katrin to deploy our social media and reach the world. We want to be known, and we need your help!

  • Events: Events are fun, and we want to create our own. Join us to work from scratch setting up an events team. Let’s cook up some ideas, and make them happen.

  • Design: Beautiful design makes us that much cooler, and we would love to create more high-quality visual content. Design wizards wanted!

  • Research: There’s so much still to be learned. We want to form a team of researchers who tackle various questions and support the different teams + build up our collective wisdom.

  • Web Creation: We want to update our website, soon. But it costs a lot, and if possible we want to save up. Can you help us build us a website? Let us know!

  • And more: There’s a place for anybody in teaMORI. If you’re interested but not sure which team you want to be in, just let us know.

👇 Here’s the button again 👇

We’ll get back to responders in a week! Feel free to forward this message to a friend, or share this on your social media.

Teamwork makes the dream work. I’ll be excited to work with you!

If you have any questions, send us an email at

Thanks always for your support,



WATCH: A musician’s quest to protect the forests

Bomba Esterio is a popular Columbian electro-dance collective. Simon Mejia is the founder. He’s also an environmental activist, and just came out with a documentary with nonprofit Stand for Trees. It explores the diverse themes of indigenous communities, corporate exploitation, forest protection and music and weaves it into a single masterpiece. A beautiful approach to raising awareness and a must watch.

Who’s getting sued? Jair Bolsonaro

By who? Two Brazilian indigenous leaders that have asked the International Criminal Court in Hague to investigate Bolsonaro for crimes against humanity. In Brazil, assassinations of indigenous leaders are at a 11-year high, and environmental protection agencies have been made weaker.

The World Economic Forum Speaks!

“Designing net-zero, nature-positive stimulus packages is key in preventing future outbreaks, improving economic and environmental stability and enabling people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.” Well said! A nature-positive recovery from COVID is an absolute must. For an in-depth report check this out.

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