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weLOG #8: APPy new years!!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Years!

Another revolution around the sun has begun.

Thank you to all of you that crossed paths with weMORI in 2020.

Thank you for all your support, patience, and generosity.

We wouldn't be where we are today without you.

2021 is an APPy new year for us. Why?

Because the weMORI app (beta) has launched!

(We managed to get it out on the 31st! Sorry for the many false alarms.)

If you haven’t yet, please check it out here → iOS | Android

Now, we have a basic platform to start making an actual impact on forests worldwide! In other words, a new chapter of our journey has begun.

Our goal is to grow weMORI into a global platform where people everywhere are taking forest action for a regenerative future. But we can’t do that without you.

Please help us make weMORI better by downloading the app, and sharing your feedback with us! You can send us feedback from a form in the ‘dashboard’ page or the side menu inside the app.

We’d really love to hear from you! The app can be downloaded here (iOS) or here (android).

In other news, we have a new, original weMORI article for you to kick off 2021.

It was written by Riccardo, a weMORI super volunteer.

Interested in volunteering? Write to me at or reply to this email.

It’s an upbeat piece called 5 good news for the planet from 2020.

Let the article “inspire us, and ... encourage us to be even more ambitious” in 2021.

That’s it for today! World news will be resuming from the next weLOG :)

Thanks always for your support,


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