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weLOG #20 Playing with Dominoes

If you’re following environment and specifically climate change-related news, you probably heard of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in short IPCC. They release reports assessing the state of our planet, risks and vulnerabilities caused by climate change, as well as the most effective solutions and means of adaptation.

What makes it unique? It’s arguably one of the most comprehensive pieces on climate change, and the most recent one was just released a few weeks ago. It drew from a massive body of research (34,000 studies) and involved an impressive 270 authors from across the globe (67 countries).

One of the many points made in the report was highlighting the danger of compound extremes. Imagine pouring gasoline into an already raging fire. Multiple hazards happen within the same or similar time in the same geographical area or extremes that follow one another - then effectively leading to feedback loops. For instance, a drought that couples with a heatwave.

Words of Dave Reay, the director of the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute at the University of Edinburgh, sum it up well “Like taking a wrecking ball to a set of global dominoes, climate change in the 21st century threatens to destroy the foundations of food and water security, smash onwards through the fragile structures of human and ecosystem health, and ultimately shake the very pillars of human civilization.”

We’re not about doom and gloom; however, it is crucial to acknowledge the severity of the planet's current state and where we’re headed globally. The report once again emphasized that the window for action is RAPIDLY closing, and inaction will lead to insurmountable consequences in ALL parts of the world.


Welcome to our new corner! Please come and hang around here if you want to connect with and hear from our super dope team of volunteers! You’ll get to know them closer - who they are, what inspires them, why they do what they do, and so much more.

This month's spotlight shines on Kenny.

Yes, the Kenny, who’s authoring the Around the World section of the newsletter, has created multiple articles for our blog and hosted several interviews on your social media platform.

What inspires you to practice writing?

I believe in the power of the written word, and if I can make a difference or impact someone through my words, I will continue writing. I started writing as an outlet; it allows me to say so much more than through speech. I feel less inhibited when I write.

When I got the opportunity to contribute to weMORI, I was happy to do so. Writing from an environmental standpoint allows me to learn so much, and I’m educating our readers and myself in the process. It is an art. It’s an art I’m trying to develop, so I will continue to write until I have nothing left to give.


by Kenny


Iceland continues to make efforts to fight deforestation. Over the years, naturally, the land had been cleared for housing, animal grazing, and a myriad of other reasons. As the situation continues to worsen, Iceland is supporting not just the growth of more forests but better forests.

Millions of seedlings are planted each year. However, what is the key is knowing which ones to plant. The genetics of forest trees is essential and has helped the Icelanders determine which trees are more suitable and grow these. The offspring is then used in afforestation. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor that could be adopted on a larger scale across the globe.


Chile’s new left-wing President Gabriel Boric recently took office and is here with a new way forward for his country. He has signed onto the United Nations Escazu Agreement, an environmental treaty that his predecessor was unwilling to support. The Escazu Agreement came into effect on 22 April 2021. It is a regional treaty negotiated by governments in Latin America and the Caribbean. The treaty highlights the protection of the ‘right of every person of present and future generations to live in a healthy environment and to sustainable development.’ President Boric is willing and ready to fulfill this commitment toward a better environment for his people, now and in the future.

There you have it, dear friends!

Have a day that matters.

Joanna Arai


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