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weLOG #13: Earth day update

Updated: May 25, 2021

Dear all,

I hope you’re celebrating today with a big hug for Earth — she deserves it. Every year, we take about 80 billion tons of stuff from the Earth to make our modern lives possible.

The problem is, that’s said to be 75% more than what the planet is able to regenerate each year. This dynamic represents the fundamental issue at the heart of the environmental crises: we’re taking too much.

“Restore Our Earth”

That’s the rallying cry for the 51st Earth Day. Spot on! It’s the most important thing we can do now.

Our plan was to come to you on this very important day with major updates on our app, and invite you to “Restore our Earth.”

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it on time. To all of you who have been supporting us and looking forward for the new app today, we’re sorry to let you down. Alex, head of product, has shared the current situation in a dev blog.

We can’t make hard promises, but currently we’re looking at a week.

For now, for what it’s worth, let me share with you a demo of the app.

We’ll be back with updates soon.

With gratitude to you all and for the Earth,


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