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weLOG #23 What a Precious Gift

Gifts. So many we receive from Mother Nature.

The air we breathe. The water we drink. The sunshine that warms our faces. The flowers that bless us with their beauty. The food that nourishes our bodies. Gifts. Gifts. Gifts.

There are narratives out there naming humans the virus, the disease, cancer that spreads, consumes, and destroys running the path towards the planet’s and ultimately its own annihilation. It may be true. It may be exactly how we have been behaving.

Is it possible for us to choose to be otherwise?

Choose to be a gift of Mother Nature and to Mother Nature.

How? I believe it’s something each one of us has to answer for ourselves.

One way could be taking one gift and turning it into another.

Fruits are an amazing creation of nature that we also get to enjoy.

Most fruits have little jewels within them - a seed, a potential new life, a new tree.

What I love to do is pour a little bit of my energy and intention into those jewels. Everything else is already given - water, air, sunlight, earth, its own power to grow, a miracle in itself.

So why not make use of that? - I asked myself one day.

And so I do, giving gifts to Mother Nature, with every new jewel of seed grown into a new tree that within its life will continue giving - giving shelter, beauty, fruits…

So much to give…

So many gifts we all have to bless ourselves and bless Mother Nature with.

What gifts do you have to give?


“At some point in life, the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough.”

- Toni Morrison

Nature simply is - in all of its richness, beauty, simplicity, and complexity. Can we also simply be? Be - while embracing the highest expression of ourselves. I invited Jo and Kenny to share their reflection and experiences with nature and what is something that speaks to them deeply.

Jo: "Nature for me is synonymous with sanctuary, a place where I can slow down, open up and soak in peace and beauty. Living in such a fast-paced, connected world, I find that hyper-connectivity can create distance between people and disconnect us from ourselves. Nature however is a safe space where I can connect to myself; even a quick walk in nature can have such restorative effects."

Kenny: "I just enjoy the beach…ocean. I don’t mean going to the beach and having a good time, because honestly, I have a fear of drowning. But I simply like being near the ocean, sitting by the water and staring out into the vastness of it all. There’s something so serene, tranquil, and beautiful about the ocean that just centers me and brings peace to my soul. Listening to it rush ashore or beat against rocks as if battling to be free, to release the untold stories of many. When I’m near a body of water, I simply feel relieved and relaxed. I know it’s quite the contradiction that something that scares me can bring me such peace at the same time. Let’s just call it a wonder."


by Kenny


According to a recent study done by researchers at Duke University, expanding coastal marshes may do more harm than good.

It was previously looked at where it was thought that expanding coastal marshes had the potential to absorb more carbon. But now, research is showing that the negative impact of expansion may be greater than the positive impacts.

As sea levels rise and the marshes are pushed back, they add to the loss of trees and wetlands. This results in the release of carbon into the air. Though there may be advantages to expanding coasting marshes, a question we ought to ask is… “Is it worth it?”


I’ve heard of a thinking cap but never a thinking bed but that’s exactly what you get when you stay at this ‘zero star hotel’ art installation.

This hotel room is in essence an open-air space that is not convenient and doesn’t offer the opportunity for rest. The goal is to make one uncomfortable and consumed with the world’s problems such as climate change. By being in such an anti-idyllic situation it’s the hope that we’ll think more about how this could become the norm if we don’t act. This could become our reality and less idyllic places may soon actually exist.

By choosing to stay here you’re making a statement that you’re aware something needs to be done and we ought to think and make changes before this is all we’re left with.’ It’s time to think not sleep.

So, let’s get in that ‘thinking bed’. What changes can we effect?


  • Bangladesh’s plan to implement a complete ban on entry into Sundarbans for three months leaves communities facing hardship Read here

  • Verra to prohibit the practice of creating instruments or tokens based on retired credits Read here

  • The price of carbon offsets could be as high as $120/ton or as low as $47/ton in 2050 Read here

  • Climate Funds Heat Up Raising $2.8 Billion in Three Months Read here

  • UN warns of ‘Total Societal Collapse’ due to breaching planetary boundaries Read here

  • 44% of Earth’s terrestrial area needs conservation attention to halt the runaway destruction of the natural world Read here

  • Carbon direct released a report on the state of the voluntary carbon market in 2022 Read here

There you have it, dear friends.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

– Albert Einstein

I find these words very true; if one allows oneself to see, to see nature as an innate part of us and ourselves as part of nature. What does it mean to live in harmony with her and each other?

I’ll leave you with an invitation to ponder this question.

Have a day that matters and see you next month.

Joanna Arai


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