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weMORI: Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Mission, vision, purpose — these are integral to the success of any organization, and today, I wanted to share how weMORI defines them.

What MISSION are we on?

  • We’re on a mission to reverse the climate and extinction crisis by creating a global grassroots movement that protects & restores forests.

The climate and extinction crises are encroaching. They’re considered the greatest threats to society, and we all know something needs to be done.

Deforestation is making these two crises worse by causing huge amounts of carbon emissions and loss in natural habitat. To safeguard climate & biodiversity, we need to stop deforestation.

So the mission that we’re on is to reverse said crises through the protection and restoration of forests.

A key component of our mission is people power. We’re building a global grassroots movement, and the weMORI app exists for people to join and that movement and generate impact.

All of what weMORI does revolves around its mission. It’s the most important one sentence to our work.

What’s your ideal VISION of the future?

  • Our ideal future is a regenerative, nature-positive world, with human systems and empowered individuals existing in harmony with the natural environment.

The vision represents the ultimate end goal. In what sort of world would weMORI not need to exist anymore? That world is the vision.

weMORI’s vision is first and foremost a regenerative, nature-positive world.

In simple terms, that’s a world where humanity’s total ‘uptake’ of natural resources is less than the ‘regeneration’ of natural resources.

It’s also a world where human systems (like governments, companies) and individuals alike, are actively regenerating the planet, as a matter of obvious conduct.

Today = Uptake > Regeneration

Regenerative world = Uptake < Regeneration

As the Earth Overshoot Day has made it well known, we’re currently in a huge ‘deficit’ — every year, we take way more than the Earth can give. That can’t keep on going forever.

In order to ‘solve’ the many environmental crises of today, a basic achievement we need to attain is to go from deficit to surplus. In other words, transition from a ‘degenerative’ to a ‘regenerative’ world.

It’s really quite simple. For example, in a regenerative world, you won’t cut down more trees than can be regenerated.

Such a world would require the human systems and people living within it to be ‘regenerative’ and ‘nature-positive’.

We believe empowered individuals are the ones who create regenerative systems, and the weMORI app is a tool created to empower people to take action.

Together with the people we empower, we will create immediate impact as well as new, regenerative systems, and bring us closer — one step at a time — to the future we envision.

What’s your PURPOSE?

Purpose represents our posture, or the ethos of our work, and for us, it’s this:

  • Our purpose is to give people the power to create a regenerative, nature-positive world.

By now, I think you can see how this fits into what we do.

In order to create a regenerative world, we need people taking regenerative action, and the weMORI app is a tool designed for people to do just that.

It puts the power to make an impact into people’s hands, and by putting that power into many, many hands, we pull a regenerative world closer.

We’re all about empowerment & impact, and we love our purpose statement because it captures both of these.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading to the end 🌱

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