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weLOG #6: We’re so close

Hello all,

We’re almost there.

But not quite.

Our app is still waiting for approval from the app stores.

The anticipation!

As soon as it’s out, we’ll be posting on social media.

Then, I’ll be following up with an email to you.

Our beta launch is also going to kick off regular posting on social media. We’ve been quiet for a while, but now it’s rebooting, and we have some fun posts coming up.

Follow us on instagram and facebook if you don’t already!

You’ll see things there that aren’t in the weLOG. Like blogs written by our volunteers, project details, new sticker announcements, and quicker snappier updates of all things.

As for the beta, it’s probably going to be available on the 21st.

That’s the same day as the great conjuncture. Tomorrow, Jupiter and Saturn, the two giants of our solar system, are going to be the closest they’ve been in 400 years, and resemble a single star in the sky.

Whatever the significance of that may be, it’s still profound to appreciate the galactic coincidences of a moment on Earth.

See you when the beta launches!

Have a wonderful day,

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