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weLOG #25 Love and Passion in Action

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Every great movement in the world starts with a tiny group of people

who simply refuse to accept a situation

- Richard Branson -

It’s probably about either refusing to accept the current situation or wanting to bring about change and create something that does resonate with our hearts. I’ve recently seen a perfect example of this notion, where it was enough for just a handful of passionate individuals to get together and say - let’s create a more beautiful world around us. Does it have to be reaching the whole world? Does it have to be grandiose? No, it can be “small” and very local, but the ripples of that reach much further than we can perceive - I’m sure of it.

I’ve lived in Costa Rica for a few months now and just recently co-created a wonderful project in our community which utilized an unused piece of land and transformed it into a food forest that will be open for anyone to go, enjoy the beauty of, taste the fruits of multiple trees we planted and other plants that in a few months will greet us with their nourishment.

Again, it all began with an idea. Many conversations, leaders with expertise and knowledge (under the loving guidance of Diamante Bridge Collective members), and “average” people who simply resonate with living closer to Mother Nature, believe in coming together to co-create beauty and are bold enough to get their hands dirty - a dream team!

So what is the lesson here?

To me, it’s that dreams matter and that dreams and inspiration lead to great things, as long as we talk about them and follow with action.

Does the dream seem impossible? - maybe it IS actually possible? And the trick is that we will not find out until we try.

We’ve made history with the Chirripo food forest, as there has never been such an initiative in the area before, and the best part?

This is just the beginning…

I’m sure there are many things you want to see or experience, things you dream of.

Share it! Dream more of it!

Cultivate inspiration and invite boldness into your being.



Is the future hopeful? Or not so much? We’re bombarded with “bad” news and sometimes it could be hard to dream. Sometimes fear creeps in. And all of that is alright.

Today I sat on virtual chairs with Kenny, Jo, and Swetha inviting them into a reflection on the future. Let’s see what arose for them.

What comes to mind when you think of the future of the natural environment or overall our planet?


"I am fearful and at the same time hopeful for our future. I fear that the enormity of the problems may paralyse us but am hopeful that with growing awareness that all of us have a part to play in saving our planet, we will choose to play a positive role in preserving and restoring what we have."


"I believe with the current endeavors the future of the planet is of little hope. Or I would say, the future of humanity is of little hope. Well, the planet will stay alive but the question is the impact of the current stress human activities place on it. In a planetary timescale the environment or the planet could reach a devastating situation with the business as usual model but at some point, could replenish into a new form."


"Deliberate thought and action. It will take deliberate and collaborative efforts to preserve the future of the natural environment and planet. All along we’ve been like kids not thinking much about where we get our food, clothes, and toys; they just appear. But now we must think like adults who have to earn a living. Where do our resources come from? How can we ensure continuity? Our thoughts and actions must now be deliberate."


by Kenny


In today’s world, many have taken on the challenge of preserving the environment for future generations. This sometimes seems like an uphill battle and we have to get creative, make compromises and sometimes dig deep to allow our altruistic self to stand victorious. Now, climate-focused startups may have found a way to balance the needs of the environment and that of making a profit. They can remain mission-driven while still conducting a lucrative business. This can be achieved through establishing themselves as public benefit corporations (PBCs). Once considered a niche form of incorporation, companies are now looking to PBC for the benefits and environmental accountability that it offers.


After repeated crop yields and various agricultural practices over centuries, the land tells us that it has had enough of us taking from it. We must begin to put more into that which serves us, and that includes our land, otherwise there will be nothing to reap. Maria Luisa Gordillo Mendoza in Chiapas, Mexico, is cognizant of this and has implemented a new way of cultivating crops, which she admits has been frowned upon by others. Her unique farming method will restore soil health, bring increased revenues for farmers as well as make land available for conservation and carbon storage. Chiapas is Mexico’s second-most diverse state but has lost 55% of its forest. With farmers like Maria Luisa Gordillo Mendoza, conservationists hope to incorporate millions of hectares of land into sustainable management schemes that will allow for a regenerative future.


Australia is known for its beautiful nature but sadly the Land Down Under has seen its share of disasters in recent years.

According to a recent environment report, the health of Australia’s environment is in serious jeopardy. This report speaks to a lack of funding dedicated to addressing the environmental challenges that the nation faces, along with other factors such as poor coordination across jurisdictions which have led to a decline in various species and a threat to the collapse of their ecosystems.

A few key other points were highlighted in this report and one of which states that “Australia has lost more mammal species than any other continent”. What does this mean for the Land Down Under? What can be done to change the trajectory and put Australia back on a more favourable course?


  • Deforestation in Venezuelan Amazon expands Read here

  • 0.1% chance to achieve the Paris Agreement climate goal Read here

  • Carbon direct and eco-engineers have developed a new prototype protocol for bio-oil sequestration Read here

  • China and South Korea could save money by steering clear of gas Read here

  • Healthy mangroves build a resilient community in the Philippines’ Palawan Read here

There you have it, friends!

How powerful that is - creating our own reality!

What is the reality you want to create?

Much love and may you have days full of wonders.

Take care!

Joanna Arai


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