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weLOG #11: 100 TREES 🌳

Dear friends,

Today, I want to announce the kickoff of a campaign.

It’s called 100 TREES.

The goal of 100 TREES is to find the first 100 monthly donors that support weMORI, and plant 100 trees.

The campaign ends on March 21st, UN International Day of Forests.

For each 1 new monthly donor, we plant 1 tree. 100 people, 100 trees! When we reach the goal, weMORI will plant an additional 100 trees to celebrate 🎉

The 200 trees will be planted in Borneo, on land cleared for oil palm plantations, to expand the Keruak Wildlife Corridor, an important habitat of the endangered Orangutan.

The carbon impact of 100 TREES will be 22 tons, or the equivalent of offsetting 23 NY - London roundtrip flights.

weMORI exists to serve the people, and right now, we need your help to continue our work and maximize our impact.

weMORI’s mission is to combat the climate and extinction crisis by building a global grassroots movement that protects & restores forests.

The support we receive from 100 TREES will greatly accelerate this mission, by allowing the team to focus on the essential work of growing this movement and refining the weMORI app.

In the shorter term, your support will help us maximize the impact of the weMORI 1.0 app launch on Earth Day (4/22/2021).

The new app will make meaningful action as easy as a tap, and personal impact (such as amounts of CO2 avoided, area of forests protected, and more) visible in real-time.


The dark side of facebook

We’re all too accustomed now to bad facebook news. But this one was just sad. An investigation has found that facebook was being used to illegally sell land in the Amazon, including protected forest areas. FB ads may have been used, too. Facebook’s response: ‘we are ready to work with authorities’.

VIDEO - The Earth: A Living Creature

We just found this video from 2014 and we love it. Watch Gaia in 3D, in all its dynamism, across 7 days in 2005. Seeing typhoons develop and evaporate in the Pacific breathtaking. Let’s keep Earth alive!

Now, satellites see through clouds

Satellites can now detect forest fires through clouds. Even if they can’t see the surface, using state of the art technology, burning areas can be located. There’s just not enough of these yet: so far monitoring happens every 6-12 days.

UN: “Protect forests for ‘people, planet and prosperity’”

March 3rd was World Wildlife Day. Top officials from the UN stressed the importance of indigenous and local knowledge for saving the forests. weMORI’s projects are all founded and managed by local communities!

Thank you for reading to the end 🌱

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