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To sponge or not to sponge?

Here comes a super exciting chapter in weMORI’s history - the ecomfortHouse x weMORI collaboration! 🔥

What’s the result of this co-creation?

A truly awesome product! - yes, we really think so! 😀

I sat down with Ian on our virtual chairs and asked him a couple of questions about the nature of the project and the reasons why we believe it’s so cool.

Tune into what Ian has to share 🙂

How did weMORI get connected to the ecomfortHouse?

When I just started as an environmental activist in University, I connected with Edward Suzuki, an environmentalist, philosopher, and world-class architect. The owner of ecomfortHouse is Edward’s long-time partner. It makes me sad even today that Edward has passed. He was such a warm and inspiring presence! In ways, this project carries his vision for a sustainable world forward.

What inspired you to partner with the ecomfortHouse?

We protect and restore forests. EcomfortHouse creates sustainable everyday products. Products offer a wonderful opportunity to reach and engage with people. An eco product that brought people’s attention towards deforestation, while providing them with a way to take action seemed like an obvious and brilliant idea.

What’s the connection between forests and the sponges?

The sponges are created using scrap wood from an FSC certified forest in Sweden.

A portion of the sales of each sponge and wipe goes towards tree planting in Borneo.

What makes the product environmentally friendly?

Both of the products from this collaboration are 100% biodegradable. We literally experimented by burying them in a garden, and in around five months there was nothing left. All decomposed.

Photo shows three stages - from the left: when the wipe was put into the ground

-> after a month -> after approximately 5 months

Why sponges?

That’s a funny question because at first, I also thought the same. Why sponges? And to be honest, I was skeptical about the partnership being about a sponge when we were having initial conversations. I mean, a sponge? But as time passed I realized this was the best product collaboration possible. Why? Because everybody needs a sponge. Even if you have a dishwasher, you’ll still use a sponge to clean big pieces off of your plate. I’m a minimalist and I buy very little -- I still use a sponge!

Oftentimes, collaborations of this nature happen with products that, frankly, nobody really NEEDS. But we all need a sponge. And this one is 100% biodegradable. And even more, it plants trees in Borneo. It’s a win-win-win.

There you have it!

A sponge that's not "just" a sponge.

The product is currently available only on the Japanese market, however...


We're searching for partners and looking into ways to make it available in other countries as well 🤩

Till next time, dear friends!

Have a day that matters.

Joanna Arai


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