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weLOG #12: 18,000 trees

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

18,000 trees planted.

And, 550,000 square meters protected.

That’s the projected impact of weMORI one year after the launch of the new app on Earth Day, 2021.

550,000 square meters is the equivalent of 74 soccer fields.

Imagine 74 soccer fields of forests spread out in front of you — it’s huge!

At that point, the carbon impact will be 70,000 tons.

That’s the same as removing 15,000 cars from the streets, or offsetting the annual emissions of 4,400 US citizens.

And that will be delivered in the protection & restoration of beautiful, carbon-rich forests, teeming with a diversity of life.

In three years, these numbers will grow dramatically.

We’ll plant almost 2 million trees, and protect 60 square kilometres!

Now, imagine standing on the edge of 60 square km of forests…

Or a forest of 2 million trees…

That view is what I dream of every day, as I work with the members of teaMORI on our daily tasks.

I can’t wait for the day, in the not-so-distant future, where we celebrate the forests we’ve protected and restored.

They say all big things have humble beginnings.

They also say beginnings are hard!

That’s why right now, weMORI is in the middle of a campaign called 100 TREES.

It has two goals: to find weMORI’s first 100 monthly donors, and plant 100 trees in Borneo.

You’ve been with us right from the start.

On this occasion, please consider becoming one of our first 100 monthly supporters.

With three days to go, we’re currently at 51 people and trees 🌳

Your support will allow us to maintain and maximise our impact, and make the dream I shared today a reality.

You can read more about 100 TREES here 👇

You can donate in 1 minute here 👇

This is the last time I’ll be asking for your help on 100 TREES.

See you on the other side of the campaign 👋

With gratitude,



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